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  May 2018  

 Welcome to Hair Artist Studio


Dennis Gabbart, Color Specialist/ Hair Artist

                     Call Dennis to schedule an appointment at:        850-582-4078

 Remember Dennis Gabbart books all his own appointments from his cell phone which means you can call any day between 10am & 10pm. There is never a wrong time to call because if he's to busy to answer the phone he will call you back as soon as possible so call now for your appointment 850-582-4078 

                               Stop by and see Dennis anytime but remember,

            Dennis works by appointments only!

Click here to see  Dennis Gabbart's work in the Photo Gallery-  Latest & Before & After Styles      

Dennis Gabbart is Hair Artist Studio. Everything you see on this website has been created by Dennis Gabbart. I have been a hair stylist  for 35 years. eighteen years ago I moved from Oklahoma City, OK. to Ft. Walton Beach, FL., and I've been very proud of the insight brought from Oklahoma to one of the most beautiful Gulf Coast Beach cities anyone would be proud to live in.
From 1986 to 2000 most of my education was from Toni & Guy, aka, TiGi Bedhead, & Catwalk. During this time they were one of the leading educators in the world. They are still among some of the finest educators in the business, but since 2001 I have been using the best hair products that I believe I can use on my clients from color to hair care.
I am now using Schwarzkopf Professional Color & Hair Care Products, a relatively new product line in this area. The education behind  Schwarzkopf Professional Color and Hair Care is like none other and I am proud to bring this technology of hair color to the Emerald Coast cities of Destin, Fort Walton Beach,  Navarre, Pensacola and Panama City, Fl.
Hair is my life, and if you have any questions please call and I will give you a very honest answer which should help you make the right decision for your hair needs. Please don't hesitate to call,"There are no stupid questions". I work Tues thru Sat 11am to 7pm by appointment only, please call to to book an appointment anytime, day or night, @ 850-582-4078.  If I don't answer, it only means I'm making someone very happy, leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.    
Thank You,

Dennis Gabbart 



Click here to see Dennis Gabbart's work in the Photo Gallery.  Latest, & Before & After Styles.      



Posted by October on 10-24-2011
Dennis has been cutting and styling my hair for over 12 years now! He is passionate and always does the best! I would recommend trying him out if you haven't already! You will leave pleased and be ready to make a follow up before you leave. Love ya Dennis Keep up the AWESOME work!
Posted by Sandy V. on 06-25-2011
Dennis is SUPER!!! I've never ever had such a good haircut. It is PERFECT!!! How I wish I lived in Fort Walton so he could be my regular hairdresser. He's the best!!!
Posted by Robert Purser on 11-28-2010
Dennis is truly the finest Hair Artist I have ever had touch my hair! I am from Oklahoma City and when Dennis left we lost the best Hair Artist the State had. I truly mean that! Now that my career requires me to travel I pray to God that I get through Mary Esther so Dennis can work his superb artistry on my hair!
Posted by Jane M. on 08-28-2010
Dennis you a hair majician. i'd lost all hope and respect for alot of hair stylist in this town and have been here all my life so i've tryed alot and had given up till you did my hair and took the time to explain things about my hair no one else ever took the time to. Thank you so much for making my hair look good not drastily scary..your the only one i will use for now on..THANK YOU SO MUCH..not only a fantastic stylist but a wonderful personality to go with it that makes the ones of us with horribly experiences with our hair feel feel and look great and without a horrible shocking drastic nightmare of hair're the only i will have do my hair for now own.
Posted by Mo on 06-27-2010
Wouln't let anyone but Dennis touch my hair. I have been seeing Dennis for over 12 years! He is the BEST...
Posted by Trish Bolton on 03-16-2010
It was nice to meet you at the hairshow I was with Schwarzkopf.Keep the passion!!!
Trish Bolton
Posted by Lori on 03-09-2010
Dennis is the BEST...
Posted by Ginger on 01-07-2010
Hey Dennis - Love my new "do". Both the cut and color are fabulous! See you again soon!
Posted by Jenny on 12-08-2009
Dennis is the BEST with color!
Posted by Reggie Veteto on 10-14-2009
Dennis is great at cutting curly hair. He's been cutting my hair for several years now and I wouldn't trust anyone else with that task. Keep up the great work!
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